Call of the Tesla

Posted on May 31, 2014

In the mid-90s I had a subscription to Popular Mechanics. I don’t remember most of the gadgets and geekery that they reviewed, but one of them stood out from the rest; the EV-1. The article talked about how quiet it was by pointing out that all you could hear was “the rustle of the tires on the pavement” and I was hooked. I wanted one – or more likely, I wanted my dad to buy one and let me drive it.

After that, electric cars seemed to either have golf cart speeds or futuristic-concept-car ugliness.

When I first heard about the Roadster, I thought it was neat. I didn’t really know what it was about, but I expected it to be out of my price range (which it was at the time) and impractical given that I was starting a family.

I vaguely remember hearing that they were making a second car, but I didn’t look into it too much. Subconsciously, I thought of the EV-1 and, not knowing how it had failed to take the market by storm, figured that this new car would be low ranged, ugly, dinky, overpriced, under featured, or some combination of the above. It still wouldn’t be in my price range. Besides, my VW Golf TDI was getting 43-48 miles to the gallon and I loved it.

Then my wife started suggesting I get a new car. She was worried I would get stranded somewhere on the highway in my 200,000 mile old VW.

Then a friend of mine recieved her Model S; this made it become real. Pat has good taste and sensibilities. If she was making this kind of purchase there was something to it that I had overlooked.

Then I sold my first home. The cost of a more comfortable car was now within my price range.

I started looking at a new car in the 50k price range. That would fit very comfortably inside the resulting cash from selling my house. Fate whispered that I should look at Tesla – just for the entertainment value you understand.

Goodbye VW.